Thank you for visiting our page.

I hope you’ve had an opportunity to look through our website and grasp the urgency of fully funding our school districts across Illinois. I invite you to explore the different resources like the equity dashboard or one-pagers that are located on the Resources page that highlight why this work is crucial.

While there is meaningful progress to celebrate since the passing of EBF, we have much work ahead of us. There are still over one million students in districts funded below 75% of full funding. These students are disproportionately Black and Latinx, from low-income households, English Learners, and students that attend rural or urban school districts.

We need to accelerate our path to full funding.

$550M in new funding in EBF will be transformational, not only for current students, but for future generations. And that is why we are counting on supporters like you to join us in our efforts! The passing of EBF was a historic moment made possible with supporters like you. And fully funding the formula will rely once again on strong advocates like yourself. Whether following or sharing on social media, speaking to your legislator on why $550M is needed for EBF, joining our coalition meetings, or joining us on advocacy day, there is room for everyone on this campaign.

I hope to see you alongside as we advocate for all students and the resources they need to thrive.

In community,

Cheryl Flores

Advance Illinois – Director of Community Engagement