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Research shows that high-quality educational experiences from birth through postsecondary make a difference in individuals’ success.

In FY23 over half of the state’s students (more than one million kids) are still in districts funded below 75% of full funding.

74% of Black students and 72% of Latinx students are in schools funded below 75% of adequacy, compared to 47% of White students.

If we increase tier funding by $550M each year beginning in FY24 we will reach full funding in less than 10 years.

A District-Level Look At Illinois Public School Funding

The Equity Dashboard
See what happens to funding for Illinois school districts as new dollars are added to the new formula. Brought to you by Advance Illinois’ Data Desk.

Evidence-Based Funding in Illinois: 2017-2022

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With your help, we can ensure children receive the education they deserve no matter where they live. Let’s keep up the progress to ensure all students in Illinois receive the high-quality education they deserve, regardless of their zip code.

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