Can You Tell What My Zip Code Is?

That’s the first question JT Boehme asks in a recent video titled “Dear Politicians” featuring students from Taylorville telling the story of how Illinois’ inequitable school funding system directly impacts them. These students are dreamers, fighters, students and the next generation of people, asking their elected officials: Doesn’t that mean anything to you? 

Produced by JT Boehme, a junior at Taylorville High School, the video illustrates how one student in another school district receives a $34,411 education, while a student in Taylorville receives $7,474. It paints a picture of how this broken and unfair funding system shortchanges these students and shows their outdated textbooks and lack of programs where these students are expected to learn and succeed. 

Our zip code in Taylorville, 62568, is a reminder that a student’s zip code shouldn’t determine the quality of education, but too often it does. Illinois’ students from 62568 to 60045, and 60649 to 62953 , all deserve fair, equitable, and increased investment in our futures.