Illinois’ funding system is broken

The future of our state and its next generation of citizens is built upon how well we educate our children. Yet, we are currently shortchanging all Illinois students particularly those who need the most resources.

Since 2009, the state has lost $1.4 billion dollars from the education budget (inflation-adjusted).

  • Illinois ranks 50th for the state’s share of education funding – only 28 percent of dollars spent on education comes from the state, most comes from local property taxes.
  • Illinois ranks 49th out of 50 states for funding equity – for every dollar we spend on a student with average means, we spend only 77 cents on a low income student.

Under our current funding system the amount school districts spend to educate their students varies greatly based on the district’s ability to pay. The result? Low-income students who need the most support to succeed receive less school funding than students who live in areas with higher property values.

Illinois’ education funding system is broken and unfair. Join the over 230 organizations, schools districts, and school leaders have come together to support giving all the state’s children a fair chance at the education they’ll need to be successful.

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