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School funding model fixed, now what?

School funding model fixed, now what? After inequitably funding schools for over 20 years, Illinois finally put politics aside, and made a historic move towards bettering the quality of education for 2.1 million kids. On August 31, 2017 Illinois instituted a new, more equitable way of funding schools — an evidence-based model that drives resources to the state’s neediest districts. But many are asking the question, “How do we make sure this new model delivers on its promise?” Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau, superintendent of Taylorville School District, and member of the Funding Illinois’ Future coalition since its inception in 2013, says
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SB 1 Analysis

K-12 Education Funding is Broken SB1 is a fair and equitable way to fix school funding Reflects the core principles of the Evidence Based Model and Governor’s Commission Accounts for needs of students with disabilities, English learners and low-income students Ensures that a district’s taxing effort matches the district’s local wealth No district loses money and is a stable, long-term solution View your school district’s overall gain from SB1 HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES Rep. Carol Ammons Rep. Steven Andersson Rep. Mark Batinick Rep. Daniel Beiser Rep. Patricia Bellock Rep. Thomas Bennett Rep. Avery Bourne Rep. Dan Brady Rep. Peter Breen Rep. Terri
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Can You Tell What My Zipcode Is?

“Can you tell what my zip code is?” –by Melisa Livingston, Citizens for Education, Taylorville IL That’s the first question JT Boehme asks in a recent video titled “Dear Politicians” featuring students from Taylorville telling the story of how Illinois’ inequitable school funding system directly impacts them. These students are dreamers, fighters, students and the next generation of people, asking their elected officials: Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Produced by JT Boehme, a junior at Taylorville High School, the video illustrates how one student in another school district receives a $34,411 education, while a student in Taylorville receives $7,474.
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