Breeze-Courier, June 13, 2017 

LTE: Livingston, Moats

Dear Editor,

Dumping more money into a school funding formula that’s broken is not an efficient way to spend taxpayer dollars nor is it a beneficial way to better the education of our students.

Students in all districts across our state have unique needs. Some districts have a higher population of low-income students, while others enroll a larger percentage of special education students and many districts have experienced an influx of English learners over the last several years. Illinois is an incredibly diverse state with an incredible mix of rural and urban school districts.

The point is we can’t keep putting money into a formula that doesn’t account for these differing needs of Illinois’ diverse school districts.

We know that these types of students require additional resources to have the best academic outcomes. That is the main focus of the new funding bill, SB1. It uses 27 evidence-based elements to meet the individual needs of all types of learners. Illinois is currently the worst in the nation at funding kids’ education fairly because it gives kids in poverty only .81 cents compared to every $1 dollar it gives a wealthier¬†student. SB1 would change that by driving dollars to the neediest districts first. Better yet, not a single district will lose money next school year.

We urge Governor Rauner to sign SB1 and work to pass a budget to fully fund the State of Illinois.


Melisa Livingston & Jenny Moats

Citizens for Education, Taylorville, IL

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