Senate Bill 1 is the only long-term solution for our broken school funding system. The Governor’s veto amends SB1 in ways that are deeply inequitable for school districts across the state.

See how veto provisions related to Hold Harmless Changes, PTELL/TIF EAV Assessment Changes, Pension Cost Shift, and Regional Wage Differences could affect low-income and middle-class communities across the state.

Under the veto:

Hold Harmless Changes
Districts that lose enrollment will lose existing dollars, starting in 2020, even if the district hasn’t reached adequate funding.

PTELL/TIF EAV Assessment Changes
Districts look better funded by local property taxes than they actually are, meaning they would be less eligible for state aid.

Pension Cost Shift
Districts lose protections in case the cost of pensions are shifted to them.

Regional Wage Differences
Salaries would be deflated in high-cost areas, leading to fewer state dollars for districts.