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Dear Representative/Senator ___________,

I write to you today on behalf of the thousands of children and families in your district, in hopes of attempting to understand your concerns regarding Senate Bill 1. There is an immediate need for school funding reform in Illinois and we firmly believe that SB1 is the answer, especially for schools in your district. Our coalition has spent countless hours analyzing SB1 and would welcome the opportunity to listen to your concerns about the bill and its effects on the children you represent.

Each year, the schools in our district face more and more challenges with dwindling state resources. We know that without a fix to Illinois’ formula this year, children all over our district will be negatively affected.

Because this is such an urgent matter and because I know you care as much about the children in our district as I do, I hope we will be able to meet as soon as possible to discuss your thoughts about SB1.  Please let me know when you will be available to do so.